Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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    Here’s a job offer for you…

    You are required to work 80-100 hours per week for 12 months to make half the hourly rate as you normally do in the industry.

    But before you start this new job it will cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of Rands.

    Plus you get no holidays at all. Plus you are 100 % responsible for anything that can and probably will go wrong.

    You will probably end up doing everything yourself including selling, marketing, hiring, interviewing, technical work, banking, bookkeeping, tax compliance work.

    Plus you are expected to learn all of this competently in months in your own time at your own expense without much help.

    There’s a 80% chance you will get zero return on your capital spent to start the job.

    No one will really understand what you are going through and you may feel all alone.

    It may cost you your house and your marriage/relationship.

    Do you want the job?

    Yes? Then you are an entrepreneur.

    [Quora answer to Why people say starting a business is hard.]

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