Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

    As the year is ending in a few days, movie reviewers are coming up with lists of movies they cannot wait to see in 2016. Some are writing their  new year’s resolutions. I have decided to speculate on a few things I think will happen next year. As the heading suggests, these are complete speculations. Hopefully one or two will happen:

    1.  Expansion of WeChat into Zimbabwe to challenge EcoCash in mobile money
    2. Online payments in Zimbabwe (probably because of WeChat) but for B2B. No B2C will make money unless it is a fun social network like a local chat service with nice interesting features that will make a little bit of something (not enough to live lavishly though but Zimbabweans have just got introduced to the world and are hungry for fun things to do).
    3. Uber will file their S1
    4. Twitter will lay off workers due to performance not matching high expectations placed on Jack Dorsey
    5. Tesla will release their first official full self driving car. Call it an MVP.
    6. A petition will be signed to bring back the old YouTube
    7. Facebook will acquire an African startup. Not sure which one yet but it’s time someone builds one.
    8. Another tech incubator will be formed in Zimbabwe by the ex-Hypercube guys and Chinese embassy
    9. Samsung will continue to struggle in the smartphone business and they will shift focus from high end to low or mid market. They will still release one or two products so as not to accept defeat but their focus will visibly change.
    10. Facebook and Google will officially test their Internet streaming projects here in SA but will be taken to court by MTN, Vodacom and CellC unless they partner with one of them (which will make the free part quite difficult)
    11. North Korea is going to be hacked by a previously unknown group 🙂
    12. Nintendo ‘s new console is not going to do as well as expected and will be the final nail on their console business. Microsoft will start to look for ways to rope them into their struggling XBOne
    13. Speaking of which, Windows 10 will start delivering on its promises of being multi-platform and Windows phones will start gaining markets share
    14. BlackBerry will release another android handset this time for the mid market not high end like they did to try recapture their lost stronghold
    15. Did I mention that Samsung will finally accept that it can’t do as well as they want to in the smartphone business?
    16. People will continue to make noise about IoT, wearable tech, block chain, AI but they will just be meh. Another crypto currency will come building on the lessons of Bitcoin and it’s price will shoot quickly with high initial demand as people mine it (but in a different way to Bitcoin) until it stabilises. Watson will continue getting more intelligent but I see him in the news next year as the closest AI we have
    17. Computing power sharing will be on the rise for smartphones as they are becoming faster and stronger. That startup will push this hard to use in medical field and will get us very close to figuring out cancer. People will be rewarded with virtual goods (or physical?) for sharing their smartphone processing power.
    18. Theranos will face a very hard time and might close shop for investigations
    19. Philip Chiyangwa (a flamboyant businessman in Zimbabwe) will buy Tesla’s Powerwall and he will make a video about it. Not so much a tech prediction you say? I’m  speculating that Tesla is going to quickly ship out the home battery especially to electricity challenged countries.
    20. Econet will continue introducing new products that will just fizzle out in the night because of lack of focus and too many releases in short periods like what Samsung does with its smartphones. It will continue to be the dominant mobile operator in Zimbabwe only due to lack of competition
    50 / 100